Gemstone Om Tag Bracelet


Materials: 6 mm gemstone beads and 12 mm sterling silver, bronze or brushed gold om charm.


Options:  Kyanite & Silver, Rainbow Fluorite & Silver, Apatite & Brushed Gold, Blue Fluorite & Brushed Gold, Labradorite & Silver, Kyanite & Bronze, Smoky Quartz & Silver, Clear Quartz & Silver, Citrine & Brushed Gold, Rutilated Quartz & Bronze.

Kyanite:  Never needs cleaning or cleansing because it will not accumulate or retain negative energy or vibrations Is UNLIMITED in application making it one of the very best attunement stones Aligns all chakras automatically & immediately with no conscious direction Aids communication physically and psychically Brings tranquility & a calming effect to the whole being Heals blockages & burnout from all auric bodies Facilitates meditation Aids in manifesting in one’s life work on the earthplane Boosts the immune system


Fluorite:  Emits an energy to produce order & balance the mental, physical, emotional, creative, & spiritual systems Increases the ability to concentrate while sustaining good health, strong intellect & emotional well being Known as the “genius stone” for the highest state of mental achievement Good for the immune system & used in association with colds, flu, staph, strep, cankers, ulcers and similar infections Used to reprogram the Heart Chakra Teaches us to be at one and in a state of peace while remaining individually unique Symbolizes the growth process Purple Fluorite adds spiritual energies to these properties Raspberry Fluorite helps one to initiate the state of self-fulfillment, bringing to fruition the self-actualizing characteristics and properties of manifestation Reprograms the mind at the astral/emotional level, heals the astral body, helps to bring the astral self/astral twin into the body Aids emotional integration, soothes fear and despair, encourages forgiveness of self and others Accesses the Goddess within; engenders trust in life, self-love, self-empowerment, emotional wholeness


Apatite:  The ‘Stone of the future’ Activates thymus gland Immune system booster Clears mental confusion and awakens the inner self Stimulates the intellect Enhances creativity Related to Service and development of humanitarian pursuits Aids in practically applying ones insight and powers of manifestation Helps to digest life’s challenges Stimulates development of clairvoyance and intuitive awareness Use to clear congestion from all charkas Use to develop deeper states of meditation and reflection, yin-yang balance, raising kundalini, self-insight, inner clarity, peace and oneness


Labradorite:  The “Shaman’s” stone. Protects and clears the aura of negative energy, psychic attacks, negative alien interference, implants, attachments & spirit possessions Facilitates the transformation of intuition into intellectual thought Symbolizes the moon and the sun energies, providing an added sense of self during transition, fostering a consciousness of life purpose Aids the ability to see & communicate with positive other world beings Opens the ability for accurate pendulum use & increases psychic vision Used to treat brain disorders, stimulate mental activity Reduces anxiety and stress.


Smoky Quartz:  Enhances a feeling of security and safety Transforms negative emotions & patterns Facilitates the desire to set aside the thinking mind and clear mental channels Initiates a powerful force field which will absorb many forms of negativity Balances yin yang energies Excellent grounding stone, creating acceptance of the body & earth plane Promotes personal pride and joy Promotes walking softly on the Earth Mother, encouraging Earth awareness and responsibility Regulates creativity in business Diffuses communication deficiencies and emotional blockages which limit perception and learning Heals fear, depression, addictions, obsessions


Clear Quartz:  Produces a naturally balanced energy field, modifying the available energy to all areas of the body Harmonizes and aligns all human energies, thoughts, and emotions The natural tendency of quartz is for harmony and is known as the ‘Stone of Power’ To increase prosperity and abundance in your life Provides for enhanced energy and promotes perseverance, patience and restful sleep If one uses quartz or any other mineral for purposes other than ‘for the good of all,’ the experience of destructive forces within one’s life will be invited The “Stone of Peace” Protects and clears negativity on all levels Clears and activates all chakras


CItrine:  Abundance on all levels Assists in manifesting physical wealth and abundance on all levels For confidence, inner security and personal power One of only two minerals on earth that do not hold and accumulate energy but dissipate and transmute it (Amethyst is the other) Never needs clearing or cleansing Activates creativity Stimulates mental focus, clarity & endurance Great stone for success in business Assists in interpersonal relationships or family matters Helps one to ‘laugh’ & to have joy in life Helps to diminish ‘muddy’ areas in your aura while stabilizing anger Assists in stimulating spiritual power Aids in digestion, promotes circulation & balances the thyroid gland


Rutilated Quartz:  Rutilated Quartz is quartz terminated by rutile, which is a needle like crystal with a wide color range, commonly yellow, gold, copper and sometimes silver It is likened to the appearance of wheat straw and Angel Hair The Rutile intensifies the power of the Quartz Repels negativity Harmonizes relationships, marriages, mental processes and emotional & physical imbalances Eases one who is in transition Brings forth calm, reason, & order

Om is a holy meditation symbol of both Hinduism and Buddhism. In modern usage, Om is the pranava, the eternal and divine. Om is also said to be the term of assent used by the gods and the name given by the Hindus to the spiritual sun, and mystically embodies the essence of the entire universe.

NOTE  that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information.  Shine Bright Jewelry Designs does not guarantee any particular results.

NOTE REGARDING NATURAL GEMSTONES: Due to the nature of natural gemstones, there are sometimes visible imperfections and/or inclusions in the stones. These natural imperfections add more character to your stone and prove that they are natural stones and not imitations.  Additionally, please note that due to the naturally occurring differences in batches of natural gemstone beads, the hue of some items may vary slightly from the pictures in the listing. 

All Shine Bright bracelets measure approximately 7 inches and are strung on expandable elastic. If you need a different size, please let me know and I will be happy to adjust the size.

PLEASE NOTE the bracelet for sale in this listing is shown in photos with other items that are not included in this listing.  This listing is only for the single bracelet described above.  However, if you are interested in the other items shown and would like to purchase them as a set, please message us.

Peace, love, and light,
Shine Bright Jewelry Designs

Gemstone Om Tag Bracelet


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